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Pierce Paris Is 'Into Him' With Directorial Debut for Masqulin February 4, 2020
MONTREAL — Pierce Paris is tub-thumping his directorial debut ahead of a February 13th street date from all-male label Masqulin. Paris is the newly crowned XBIZ Awards winner for Gay Performer of the Year.

“What’s Gotten Into Him?” was written and co-directed by industry newcomer Ben Rush. Dante Colle, Clark Davis, Michael Delray, Dillon Diaz, Drew Dixon, Nick Fitt, and Colby Tucker fill out the cast.

Dixon toplines as a stud dealing pressure from his boyfriend to be more sexually adventurous and perhaps bottom for the first time. “Enter Dr. Pierce Paris, Ph.D., LMFT, a handsome psychotherapist with just the right counsel to put Drew at ease,” a rep teased. “As Dr. Paris and his charmingly coy client begin a deep-dive discussion into their experiences and fantasies, a palpable tension builds to a shockingly explosive finish.”

Paris enthused about his inaugural turn behind the camera. “I couldn’t be more excited to make my directorial debut with Masqulin,” he said. “My goal was to deliver a hot and compelling feature that’s in line with Masqulin’s first-rate brand and aesthetic, and I’m grateful that the company believes in my vision.”

Rush described Paris as “the ideal filmmaking partner.” “His talent in front of and behind the camera really brings my writing to life in a unique and interesting way. I can’t wait for Masqulin fans to see this movie,” he said.

Although new to adult, Rush cites an extensive background in filmmaking and credits a well-known industry writer-director for giving him the impetus to make the jump into a new genre.

“I have always wanted to contribute something to the adult industry, especially after seeing how much care, savvy and hard work my friend Jacky St. James brings to her projects,” Rush said.

“I was set on creating a storyline that addresses real-life romantic issues but that also marries the narrative with passionate fantasy scenarios — which I believe we accomplished,” he continued. “I brought the script to my friend Pierce and the amazing folks at Masqulin — his work ethic and vision coupled with Masqulin’s uniquely slick brand made it a no-brainer — and the perfect partnership was born.”

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